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Ilford Delta 400 (120)

Ilford Delta 400 (120)

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Whats in the box

Individually boxed roll of brand new 120 film.

Ilford Delta 400 black and white film is a versatile high-speed film widely appreciated for its excellent sharpness and fine grain structure. With a nominal ISO of 400, it provides reliable results in various lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for photojournalism, street photography, and documentary projects.

This film's high resolving power and rich tonality produce images with excellent contrast and sharpness, making it a favorite among photographers who value precision and control in their work. Its wide exposure latitude and low reciprocity failure allow for greater flexibility in challenging lighting situations and long exposure times. Whether you're shooting in bright sunlight or low light conditions, Ilford Delta 400 black and white film delivers consistent and high-quality results, making it an excellent choice for any black and white photographer.

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