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Black & White Film Developing Workshop

Black & White Film Developing Workshop

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Workshop dates

The workshop date will be scheduled after purchase, allowing you to complete your provided roll of film. We offer evening and weekend sessions to choose from. Contact us directly before purchase if you have a specific date in mind.

  • Roll of 35mm or 120 B&W film included to be shot prior to the workshop. This will be the roll of film developed during the workshop.
  • All chemistry and equipment provided during the workshop, with demonstrations and guidance on all processes
  • You leave with your developed negatives cut and sleeved for protection during transport home, and will receive a transfer URL within 24 hours to download your scans


Hosted within Pollard Yard, on the outskirts of the city centre, our community darkroom is a mere 2-minute stroll from the Holt Town tram stop, and a leisurely walk from the scenic Ancoats marina. We have on-site parking available for guests, and welcome drop-in visitors every Saturday 11am-5pm.

Unit 61, Pollard Yard, 
15 Pollard Street East,

M40 7QX

Group bookings

We run a small community darkroom and recommend any bookings of more than two people per session be booked via email. Contact us directly to discuss any small group bookings.

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Discover the art and craftsmanship of black and white film photography in our Film Developing Workshop, located in the heart of Manchester. Join our vibrant community of film enthusiasts as we guide you through the captivating process of developing and scanning your own rolls of black and white film.

This workshop provides everything you need to explore the art of black and white film photography. You will receive a roll of 35mm film via post, allowing you to shoot at your own pace before returning to our community darkroom where our experienced staff will guide you through the entire film development process.

At the end of the workshop, you'll not only leave with newfound skills, collection of beautifully developed negatives and high-res scans, but also with a deeper appreciation for the art and heritage of film photography.

An image of several rolls of Ilford HP5 35mm film on a table.

Roll of film included

You will receive a roll of film to shoot before your workshop date, and all chemistry and consumables are provided during the workshop. Any additional rolls of film purchased alongside the workshop can be developed and scanned for no additional cost!

*we suggest no more than 5 rolls per session due to time constraints

Additional film

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Still have questions?

If you already have darkroom experience and want to use our facilities to work on a personal project, or you have any questions about our darkroom or workshop, please get in touch.

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