Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the community darkroom for a personal project?

Our Darkroom members enjoy full access to our darkroom facilities for developing, scanning and printing their own personal projects with both 35mm and medium format film. Outside of our membership, we offer fully assisted darkroom workshops to help guide you in your first steps within darkroom processing and printing. 

For more information about our darkroom membership scheme, please contact us directly.


Do you develop film?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities offer film developing as a service, however we have all the equipment and chemicals for you to do this yourself with the correct knowledge. Check out our darkroom workshops to learn more!


How do I know if a camera is in good working condition?

Each camera in our store has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tested by our experts. We also include a roll of film with each camera, so you can personally test that your camera is fully operational before the 30 day guarantee period ends. And if you have any question or doubt about the camera you can reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

You can read more about our quality promise here.


Do you buy cameras?

We do! If you have vintage camera equipment you would like to sell, please get in touch directly with a brief description of the items and our team will respond with further information. 


Do you repair cameras?

We understand the importance of having a reliable camera and the disappointment when it stops working. Unfortunately, offering camera repair as a service to the public is logistically too difficult for us at this time. We are a small company, and while we have a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge on film cameras, the process of repairing cameras can be quite complex and time-consuming, and we currently do not have the resources to handle this type of service at this time.

We recommend reaching out to a local camera repair shop or a professional repair service that specialise in film cameras for any repair needs.


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