Community Darkroom Equipment

Our community darkroom contains a range of equipment and materials to help you create analogue art and photographic prints. Our mission is to ensure you have the tools you need to achieve the results you want, so if there's something we've missed we welcome your feedback via our contact form.


Meopta Magnifax 4A with a Meograde head

Durst M670


Processors & Tanks

Patterson 2x tanks & spools

Jobo 1520 Unitank & spool

Jobo 2800 print drum

Jobo CPE2 processor



Epson V600 flatbed scanner with 35mm, 120 and slide scanning frames

Copy stand for dSLR scanning

Canon 6D & Sigma 105mm Macro lens


Chemicals & Paper

Ilford ID11 B&W film developer

Ilford Ilfotex HC film developer

Ilford Multigrade print developer

Ilford Ilfostop stop bath

Ilford Rapid Fixer

Ilford Wash Aid


Ilford multigrade paper available to purchase