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Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/2

Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/2



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  • Optical viewfinder
  • Novar Anastigmat 1:3.5/105mm
  • Prontor lead shutter
  • 6x9 negative size
No batteries required

Whats in the box

Original leather case and roll of film included.

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 business days.
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An image of several rolls of Ilford HP5 35mm film on a table.

First roll on us!

Capture moments effortlessly with a camera purchase from us. Every order comes with a roll of film and working batteries, so you can start your photography journey right away!

Manufactured in Germany between 1933 and 1958, the Zeiss Ikon Nettar was a series of folding cameras for 120 roll film. The series featured many different models offering various negative formats, from 6x4.5 through to 6x9 - The 518/2 Nettar features a built-in eyepiece and records images on a beautifully large 6x9 negative.

Designed with the amateur photographer in mind, the Nettar series combines elegance and user-friendliness. Despite their affordable price, these cameras share numerous components with the esteemed Ikonta series, proving their remarkable build quality and reliability. The Nettar series may forgo some of the higher specified lens/shutter combinations and other features like film type and speed memo discs, but the craftsmanship is on par with that of the prestigious Ikontas.

The Zeiss Ikon Nettar is perfect as a second camera, or for those where it’s compact and lightweight design when compared to other 6x9 cameras is crucial. With it’s collapsable design, and zone focusing lens, it’s the perfect camera for landscape and travel photography, or detailed full-length portraits. The affordability and timeless design of the Zeiss Ikon make it the ideal choice for photographers looking to step into medium format photography.

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Additionally, we stand behind our products by offering a 30 day guarantee on all electronic and mechanical failures. You can trust that your purchase will be in good working condition.

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