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Sirius Action Tracker

Sirius Action Tracker


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  • Four sequential images per frame
  • Sports finder
  • Manually would / rewound
  • Rotating cog shutter, roughly 1/4sec
  • Optimal film speed ISO 400
No batteries required

Whats in the box

Original box, original manual, wrist strap and roll of film included.

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 business days.
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An image of several rolls of Ilford HP5 35mm film on a table.

First roll on us!

Capture moments effortlessly with a camera purchase from us. Every order comes with a roll of film and working batteries, so you can start your photography journey right away!

The Sirius Action Tracker camera is an exciting 35mm toy camera designed for capturing thrilling moments. Equipped with four lenses, the Action Tracker allows you to capture a sequence of four consecutive pictures on a 24×36mm negative. As the shutter spins round like clockwork, it freezes each moment with impressive clarity. While the camera boasts fixed focus, a fixed shutter speed of approximately 1 second (resulting in 1/4s per shot), and a fixed aperture, it embraces the art of imperfection, adding a touch of character to your images.

To achieve optimal film exposure, selecting the right film sensitivity is key. A recommended choice is ISO 400, ensuring vivid and vibrant prints. Prepare to be delighted as the Action Tracker produces a series of images taken rapidly one after another, offering endless fun and excitement. It excels at capturing dynamic scenes with its ability to perfectly freeze frantically moving people or exhilarating sports events.

Our quality promise

Our products may have some age to them, but rest assured that every item has undergone a thorough cleaning, inspection, and functional testing process by our team of experts to ensure the highest level of quality.

Additionally, we stand behind our products by offering a 30 day guarantee on all electronic and mechanical failures. You can trust that your purchase will be in good working condition.

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