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Samsung ECX 1

Samsung ECX 1



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  • 38-140mm f3.8-10.5 lens (11 elements in 9 groups)
  • Electronic shutter 1/3 to 1/400s with Bulb 1 to 60sec
  • Auto focus from 0.6m; Macro 0.6 to 1.3m
  • Film speeds of ISO 50 to 3200 ISO (automatic switching) with DX code
2x CR123 batteries (Batteries included with purchase)

Whats in the box

Original strap, case, manual, batteries, and roll of film included.

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 business days.
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An image of several rolls of Ilford HP5 35mm film on a table.

First roll on us!

Capture moments effortlessly with a camera purchase from us. Every order comes with a roll of film and working batteries, so you can start your photography journey right away!

Introduced in 1994, the Samsung ECX 1 was a 35mm camera designed by F.A. Porche winning the EISA and the TIPA awards that year. Also released under the Samsung Kenox branding as the FX-4, the ECX 1 was a versatile point & shoot that offered high automation, a wide range of focal lengths and panoramic shooting mode.

It features a 38-140mm f3.8/10.5 lens, manual focus and macro focusing from 0.6m. It’s shutter can perform 1/3 to 1/400s with Bulb 1 to 60sec, with an automated flash offering auto, fill and pre-flash modes.

The panoramic shooting mode is achieved by two plastic shutters closing in from the top and bottom of the frame, changing the aspect ratio of the image from 24 x 36mm to 13 x 36mm.

With it’s large array of features, stylised design and reputable brand name, the ECX 1 has been dubbed the ‘Ultimate Dad Cam’ of the 1990’s.

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Additionally, we stand behind our products by offering a 30 day guarantee on all electronic and mechanical failures. You can trust that your purchase will be in good working condition.

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