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Lomo Lubitel 166B

Lomo Lubitel 166B



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  • 75mm f2.8 viewing lens and a 75mm f4.5 taking lens (both 3 elements in 3 groups)
  • Mechanical shutter with range of 1/5sec to 1/250sec, & bulb
  • Bright and clear 6x6 condenser lens with ground glass centre waist level viewfinder
  • Built-in self timer
  • Built-in cold shoe
No batteries required

Whats in the box

Original case and roll of film included.

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 business days.
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The Lomo Lubitel 166B TLR camera, introduced around 1980, showcases Lomo's expertise in crafting a lightweight yet durable plastic-bodied medium format camera. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Lubitel 166 from 1976, the 166B incorporates a convenient self-timer feature. With its unique twin lens design, this camera offers a distinctive photographic experience.

Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Voigtländer Brillant's focusing model, the Lubitel 166B incorporates a unique design feature in its viewfinder. Instead of a traditional ground-glass screen, it boasts a condenser lens with a small central spot ground specifically for focusing purposes. This careful implementation ensures that while focusing requires precision, the viewfinder provides a remarkably bright and vivid frame, enhancing your framing accuracy and overall shooting experience.

The Lubitel 166B was produced in large quantities by the Leningrad GOMZ (later LOMO) factory and holds a special place in the realm of Soviet photography. The term "Lubitel" derives from the Russian word for "amateur," reflecting its appeal to photography enthusiasts. 

Operating under the name Leningradskoe Optiko Mechanichesckoe Objedinenie (LOMO, or ЛОМО, in Cyrillic), LOMO played a prominent and secretive role as one of the Soviet Union's largest companies. Renowned for its expertise in optics, LOMO was responsible for designing and producing a wide range of optical equipment employed by the Soviet military and space programs. Alongside these endeavours, LOMO also ventured into camera manufacturing, with the Lubitel 2 being one of their notable contributions.

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