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Canon EOS 1000F N

Canon EOS 1000F N



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  • Canon EF Mount
  • Electronic shutter from 1/1000 to 30sec and bulb
  • Built-in self timer
  • TTL phase detection auto focus
  • One-Shot AF and predictive AI Servo AF
  • Film speed range from ISO 6 to 6400
1x 2CR5 battery (Batteries included with purchase)

Whats in the box

Body cap, batteries and roll of film included.

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 business days.
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An image of several rolls of Ilford HP5 35mm film on a table.

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Capture moments effortlessly with a camera purchase from us. Every order comes with a roll of film and working batteries, so you can start your photography journey right away!

Introduced in 1992, the Canon EOS 1000F N was an intermediate-level 35mm SLR camera. It was aimed at the ‘prosumer’ market, offering high automation coupled with all normal shooting modes found on an SLR camera. Released the year after it’s predecessor, the 1000FN featured a redesigned shutter capable of 1/2000 shutter speeds, as well as a quicker, quieter auto-focus system.

Old canon advertisement

So far ahead of other autofocus systems, it’s in a class all by itself. - Canon EOS Advertisement

Originally sold at a retail price of around $300 it was more expensive than some competitors released at the time, but proved to be extremely popular due to it's high build quality and large feature set.

It features a pop-up flash which is coupled with a built-in AF auxiliary light which helps increase focus speed an accuracy in low light conditions. The self-timer function has the option to play a choice of music in place of the usual beep countdown.

The EOS 1000F N featured the newly released EF mount designed to support advanced automation. Using electrical signals to communicate between the body and the lens, the EOS range was capable of altering focus and aperture using electrical motors within the EF lenses.

Canon was already a well-established camera company by the time the EOS 1000F N was released and the camera was very well received by the photography community. It was a great option for those who wanted to step up from their point-and-shoot cameras to a more advanced camera but still wanted something that was easy to use.

The Canon EOS 1000F N is ideal for those transitioning from point and shoot to advanced camera, or those already familiar with Canon's digital EOS gear who want to try film. With its built-in motor drive, EF lens autofocus system, and variety of exposure modes, it offers advanced features that will help you take your photography to the next level. The camera's compact size and lightweight body make it easy to carry around, and with the capability of shooting with film speeds of ISO 25-5000, you'll be ready to take photos in any lighting situation.

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